The Real Estate “TEAM” Deception

Whenever I hear of real estate agents boasting about their “teams” I can’t help but think of how the public is being deceived by this terminology. This advertising intends to increase an unknowing client’s confidence, with the client expecting a team of professionals to be deployed on the client’s behalf, to achieve the client’s goal. However the word team is very non-specific, it could mean two people, or twenty people. The subliminal message to the client is clear: the team has you covered. If one member of the team is unavailable, or drops the ball, there’s another right there to pick up the slack. Or, so the client is lead to believe. Unfortunately for the client, with a “team” comes a lack of accountability. The team concept takes the focus off individual responsibility, and gives the team, and/or non performing members the ability to make excuses, and point blame onto others on the team for any shortcomings. In my opinion it is best to deal with one dedicated professional who takes full personal responsibility for the task, one that will not pass the buck, but will be individually accountable for the successful completion of the task.

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