Sgt. Jeanne Woods

We give up Christmas mornings with our kids for you. We stand out in the freezing rain directing traffic so you can get home. We deliver your babies for you. We stand sentry on cold lonely nights so you remain safe. We chase perps across rooftops and down long city blocks for you. We find your lost children, pull you out of wrecked cars, and investigate those open doors for you.

We find the people that hurt you. We get hurt, ourselves, defending you. We stand and tell your families when you won’t be coming home. We mourn your dead with you. We jump into cold frigid waters to save you, guard your shattered homes after storms as our own are destroyed too, and ring in every New Year with you.

We spend sleepless nights investigating crimes for you. We shed tears at the atrocities of man against you. We help old ladies across the street. We take guns away from bad guys for you. We protect your children at school. We deal with your crazy neighbors for you.

We watch, ever vigilant, to protect this city from another attack against us, against you.

We are often scorned, constantly criticized, and frequently hated. We suffer bad parodies and donut jokes, second guessing and ignorance. But we soldier on, and enforce the law because we believe in doing what’s right. For the city, for you.

We would take a bullet for you. We DO take bullets for you.

We sometimes die for you.

And when we do, we stand in a long blue line, and mourn for our brother, for ourselves, for a violation of the deepest sort. Killing the protectors kills part of America, as that old poem goes. Killing me is one thing. Killing me as I am trying to keep you safe is another thing entirely, and is the very reason that the charge of Murder 1 exists.

We are the first line of defense, but we need support. So when we catch the one that broke all rules of humanity, and we turn him over to the legal system that we worked so hard to maintain, we trust that the prosecutors will follow through. We trust that 12 other people will follow through. We trust that the public will understand why murdering a Police Officer is an atrocity against humankind, and serve justice according to the letter of the law.

We would do it for you.

PO Peter Figoski would have done it for you, DID do it for you, but that jury in Brooklyn didn’t serve him the way he served them for 22 years. Peter Figoski was murdered by Lamont Pride, and let down by those 12 jurors, leaving the rest of us to carry his memory, for his daughters, for the city, for you.

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